Security Measures

Whether the service is based on a website or an App (mobile or desktop), there is potential risk that the user database will be susceptible to intrusions by hackers to attempt stealing personal, financial and other confidential information. In our advisory, we will give concrete criticisms and suggestions to follow security best practices and close hackable channels.

Consensus Mechanism

Because blockchains work decentralized (for the most part), there needs to be a mechanism for reaching consensus on the blockchain. How can we validate the transactions and prove the validation is legitimate? Besides the original Proof of Work mechanism devised by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, there are many more, including Proof of Stake, Proof of Identity, Proof of Elapsed Time and Proof of Importance. When considering the security of the project, our experienced team will help decide which consensus mechanism would be perfect for your project.

Smart Contract Auditing

Smart Contracts are essential to cut the middleman out of the equation; leaving only the buyer and seller or their counterparts deal with the transaction. Because the code of your smart contract cannot be changed once deployed, mistakes could cause money to be lost forever and irretrievable, hence the design and coding of the smart contract is critical to avoid inefficiency and misbehaviours. We provide thorough independent testing and auditing.

Multi-Signature Wallets

Depending on the service, a multi-currency wallet may be necessary to go along with the main service. To avoid hackers from emptying all the cryptocurrency wallets, security measures need to be taken to prevent similar hacks. These measures include:

  • multi-signature security
  • two-factor authentication
  • automatic session logout
  • secure passcode/pin/fingerprint

If you want to make it, we can think it!

Our approach

We tailor our solutions around the customer and the end users. Through regular and timely interaction we make sure that the solution solves the problem.

  • Stakeholder meetings

  • Documentation & Planning

  • UX (User Experience) Design

  • UI (User Interface) Design

  • Design Revisioning (3-5 rounds)
  • Design to Code conversion

  • Agile Development Sprints

  • User Acceptance Testing


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